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The Short Concert-goer

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I'd like to revive this community since it's the only one I ever made. I was at a concert in Georgia this summer and people were in front of me during the PIXIES. Anyone who knows me knows not to get between me and the Pixies. Ever. So to relatiate for them being stupid and tall, I screamed all the words to EVERY song VERY loudly in their ear. :-D

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Do any of you find that it is hard to breathe when you're shorter? In the middle of the crowd, I have to like, stand on my tip toes and tilt my head up to breathe. Horrible. The fresh air is like, inches above my head.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

11:35PM - Coal Chamber...

Ok, I just joined. I'm 5'1 (and 3/4....heheh) In 2002 I got to see one of my fav bands, Coal Chamber, and I was trying to make my way to the left side of the stage, since I got tired of looking up the bassist's skirt. On my travels, I got knocked down and sat on for like 3 minutes....and I never got to the left side of the stage. My lesson learned is, once you are up front, just be glad you are up front, don't try to be all cool and travel....because you just won't succeed.

7:36PM - pointless shorty concert story.

Thank you for creating this community.

I'm 5 feet tall. Years ago, I went to a Tool concert at a local club. I was stuck somewhat near the back, but had managed (somehow) to get a spot where, by tilting my head to the right, standing on tiptoe, i was able to see part of the stage through that "tunnel" of people's necks and heads (if that makes sense). Anyhow, the concert started, everything was cool, and then it happened. Some guy got in front of me, and I swear, he must have been about 6'4". So close to me, I could see nothing, except for the back of his Nine Inch Nails tshirt. In a situation like this, I would have normally just moved. This was not an option this time, the club was packed, I could hardly move a foot or two in any direction. So, for about 2 songs, I stood there, and read the back of his tshirt. For whatever reason, the guy looked behind him and saw little old me standing there. And for a moment, things seemed like they were about to improve. He said: "Oh my god, can you even see?!" I said no. Then, something I did not expect happened. For about 3 minutes, he kept turning around to me, and told me what they were doing on stage. Like "he's got all this paint on his body, he's on the left side of the stage, now he's in the middle!"


i am 5'3"
music festivals are always a problem for me, especially this past april when i went to see the strokes and even though i was near the front a ton of really tall people started a mosh type thing and by the time the show was over i was not anywhere close to the front of the stage.
the bands i like are all listed in my info but i am mainly into the pixies, the velvet underground, the chills, my bloody valentine, the smiths, the white stripes, aaaand yeah.



5'3 Thrice was my concert nightmare i started in the front and was pushed about 15 feeet back and pushed into like 3 moshes a huge guy started choking me and i turned around and punched him hard... then ran as fast as one can through a mosh pit to find my friends whom i was seperated from

but being verticaly challenged can be cool bc it makes it easy to crowd surf!

am i accpted?
my bands are in my info there are tons more than that too..

music is my weed

Current mood: cheerful


I am 5 foot 3 and my favorite bands are in the info section. I created this community because the people that go in front of you during concerts suck and we need to come up with ways to make them stop.

I suggest:
Spilling drinks on them
Spit balls
ramming into them hard during the show

etc etc